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Male Body Shots

Appreciation of the Male Form

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Welcome to Male Body Shots!

This is a LJ community where we share pictures of fine men without clothes. Anyone can join, whether you want to post or not. But of course, we would appreciate if everyone participates in posting pictures and sharing them.

Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Sujbects of pictures must be MALE. And they must at least have their shirts off. More is fine ;)

  • Pictures of anyone are welcome. Whether the subject is a celebrity, or yourself, we welcome all fine men.

  • People in pictures must be in shape. Althought there is not clear-cut defintion of what "in shape" is, we here at Male Body Shots define it as: If you see someone on TV and say, "Oh gosh, what a great body!" That person is in shape!

  • Nudity is OKAY if the subject of the picture is over 18 years old, or whatever age that is legal for that particular state or nation. Post nude pictures under Friends-only. If in doubt, don't post it.

  • Please use LJ cut when posting large or many pictures.

  • Have fun and enjoy!!!

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